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Impressions of International Students in Yalova University, Department Of Management - 02/02/2012

Andrea Polacikova, former Erasmus student of Department of Management, shares her experiences in Yalova University

"Exactly, I don't know how to start because there are many things, which I would like to say. First of all, I wish to thank all professors from Yalova University, Department of Management for their help and interest.

Many people in my country and also in Europe think that differences among people and cultures create barriers. I disagree and I am happy that I had the opportunity to be an Erasmus student in Turkey. I got to know Turkey from a different perspective, which many people lack or don't have. Thus, I am fortunate enough to have this international experience.

I can say that differences in culture and religion can also lead to more strong relationships among people. Definitely, most important point here is understanding and discovering this issue. I strongly believe that, when people want to build good relationships, they will do it. Turkish people are made for it and they are great examples. If I could choose a country and university for Erasmus again, I will absolutely prefer Yalova University. Professors and students accept and consider all foreign people like their people. The education at Yalova University also has a high level. Professors were not using difficult English and if someone did not understand a subject, they were explaining with examples as well as different words. This is what I call an education, which makes it fun for you. That was also very beneficial for our English vocabulary. If you want to study at Yalova University, then you will realize your dreams for hundred percent".


Katarina Paukejeova, former Erasmus student of Department of Management, shares her experiences in Yalova University

I´m still thinking of the amazing days spent in Yalova and that gives me huge support to handle and manage everything these times. First of all, I would like to give a Huge Thanks to all professors in Yalova University, Department of Management for their special care and giving us big attention, mostly showing big interest in all students.
     I think professors in Yalova University, Department of Management are doing a great job. Also, it is obvious that level of education in Yalova University is really high and instructors have a professional approach to teaching. I very appreciate their kindness and patience. They all provided us great things, and I think we all have been through one splendid experience.
     Concerning Yalova, all places we visited was one big surprise and all times spent in Turkey was very beyond my expectation, certainly in good way.
     Turkish culture and people around also gifted us very special moments. We learned many things not just about economic sciences, but also about general life and kind behaviors in Turkey. All amazing places we have seen, natural, historical and brand new parts of Turkey as Ankara show how a magnificent nation Turks are.
     I would say thousands things which I like or not like about Turkey, but there is one sentence which can express everything: I would be very pleased if I have opportunity to visit Turkey again and I could see, discover and learn even more things in this country. Hopefully i will…
     I wish all professors in Yalova University, Department of Management good luck in their work, in making improvements and lots of success in the future”.

Katarina Paukejeova (School of Economics and Management in Public Administration in Bratislava)