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Candidates can apply up to three programmes in Yalova University ( one set of documents for each application).

Students must have completed high school education, and must be able to demonstrate proficiency in exams that are subject to university admissions in home country. ( Check Table 1.)

Maximum number of students that Department of Management can accept is 10 for an academic year.


Documents for application

1.       High school diploma or certificate and exam results ( table 1) (a certified copy from Turkish Embassy or notary institutions )

2.       High school transcript of records, one in original language and one translated into Turkish, both approved.

3.       Application form. (http://www.yalova.edu.tr/Files/UserFiles/44/OIDB/Bavuru_Formu_YUyruklu.pdf )

4.       Bank Receipt of the application fee for each programme. ( Applicants should deposit 100 TL to T.C. VAKIFLAR BANKASI, 00158007295611252 account no.,in the name of YALOVA UNIVERSTY ).

5.       EK 1 form for multiple applications.

6.       Proof of financial status, translated into Turkish and approved by Turkish Embassy.

Documents for registration

1.       Master copies of application documents

2.       Letter of accreditation for high school education ( by Turkish Embassy or Ministry of Education )

3.       Residency permit and a copy.

4.       Study permit.

5.       Passport and a copy.

6.       Letter of criminal records and an official translation into Turkish.

7.       Bank receipt for tuition.

8.       10 passport photos.

9.       Document of proficiency  in Turkish or any language in question.

For further information, please check http://www.yok.gov.tr/en/content/blogcategory/222/43/

TABLE 1. Minimum Levels of proficiency in various exams.

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